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Ayurveda "Mother of All Healing" “ Knowledge of Life” “The Science of Life” “The Science of Longevity” ” World Medicine”Ayurveda, the most holistic and comprehensive medical system available, teaches you how to live in a true and natural balance.Vedic Rishis did not venture out and collect herbs and experiment with their effects to discover Ayurveda, but rather went into deep internal meditation. Their knowledge of the use of various methods of healing, prevention, longevity and surgery came through “Divine Revelation” (they heard the hymns of the Gods). There was no guessing or testing and harming animals.
Ancient Education of Ayurveda:
Ayurveda was also taught to Chinese, Greek, Roman and Persian students who studied at the great Indian Universities as Takshashila in Indo-Pakistan and Nalanda in India – as early as 700BCE. Buddhism was also taught here, and ruins of these still exist – testifying to its grandeur.It is said to have had 2000 teachers and 10,000 students around 700AD. Remembering that India is home to Buddhism – it hence attracted students from Thailand, Japan, China, Korea and Mongolia and Tibet – as well as the West.Many bronze and other sculptures still exist from this University, and the student accommodations, which included kitchens, bathrooms etc. – in ruins, also show the advancement in the East. It was many hundreds of years earlier than Alexandria in Egypt, and much, much larger.In 300BCE, there were in fact already many Buddhist and Vedantic teachers (Brahmins) from India, noted by the Greeks, in the region of Alexandria, and also in Athens and Rome. Later these were followed by the Romani (Gypsy) – who still speak a dialect of Rajasthani and who’s influenced shaped medieval Europe with their eastern mysticism and culture.In 900AD, the text Bhoja Prabhanda Samhita, states that Ayurvedic surgeons successfully practiced brain surgery.

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