Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yoga Teaches
1."Still your mind...Still yourself and without doubt, you shall be united with the love that dwells in your heart"
"Kill with the sword of wisdom...the doubt born of ignorance that lies in thy heart...Be a warrior and kill desire, the powerful enemy of the soul."
(Bhagavad Gita)
2."Our body is composed of atoms and molecules. These are arranged as cells, tissues organs and systems to form our human organism by an animating life force. Yoga teaches that all life comes from nature, from a central force...so when we die, the soul(Atma) is released. The life force that flows through our being is called "Prana"(Air). Prana is the gross manifestation of the central life force " the soul".
3."Yoga teaches that at birth we are given a certain number of breaths. So lengthening your breath will lengthen your life."The body,mind and breath are one with the universe. You will soon notice that the strength and flexibility of the body are reflected in the mind." The body reflects the breath...The breath reflects the mind...The mind reflects the heart...The heart reflects the soul.
4."...yoga is like river that has been flowing for so many years. It has now entered the Western world. It will have many tributaries,it will swell. Our ancient people did a lot of research within themselves... One of the greatest gifts that yoga gives is observation...Nothing is constant. Even science believes things will change." T.K.V Desikachar, "The role of Yoga in the next Millennium", CONFERENCE, NARBONNE, FRANCE, 1999.
5."In all men there is the eye of the soul, which can be awakened by the correct means. It is far more precious than 10,000 physical eyes." by Plato
6."Triangular Shape of Body"
"Padmasana" or the Lotus Position has acquired its name from Sanskrit word "Padma" means lotus because in this asana position of the legs look like blooming lotus . This is a cross-legged sitting posture that originated in representations and meditative practices of Hinduism. This asana has been given a great importance in the Yogashastra as it is best suited for Pranayama, Meditation & Concentration. This excellent Triangular posture encourages proper breathing and foster physical stability.

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