Friday, November 14, 2008

Text and photographs by Dolf Hartsuiker, author of the book "Sadhus, Holy Men of India". Spiritual adventurers, ascetic warriors, devout mystics, occult rebels or philosophic monks,the sadhus are revered by Hindus as representatives of the gods,sometimes even worshipped as gods themselves.

Strange Photo Snap"Amazing "Aura" Of A Hindu Holy Boy" 

This young Sadhu boy vows to be speechless for 6 Years and continues to be speechless for many years-till surrender to god- called as "Mauna Sadhu"."Science has yet to explain the extraordinary abilities and feats of the Sadhus, The Hindu holy men of India. They are believed to have ability to read and transmit thoughts, able to duplicate themselves and appear in two places at once, to give flowers completely different scent, and to call back the spirits of dead. For the Sadhus, the entire universe is driven by urge, to unite with the divine and this gives them extraordinary powers.
For the Hindus the abilities of Sadhus are certainly not seen as unusual. Indeed, all the holy scriptures of Hinduism which include the Vedas, the Upanishad,Rig-Veda, Bhagavad-Gita and Tamil scriptural classic Tirumantiram agree that the human soul, the self(atman), is identical with the cosmic principle, the absolute(brahman).Perhaps there is a lesson for the sceptics here, for it seems that deeper we probe into enigmas of human life, the closer we come to the mysterious and unacknowledged forces that dwell within us all.

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