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The Crown Chakra-Kundalini Yoga

Sahasrara meaning "a thousandfold ", is different from other chakras in constitution and effect. When Kundalini(coiled snake) reaches this level it no longer belongs to the realm of the animal or human awareness, it is purely divine. It is the thousand-petalled lotus leading into eternal, infinite, supreme existence. It is the seat of pure consciousness. When the Kundalini rises from the Base Chakra to Sahasrara, energy and conciousness unite and illuminations dawns.
Kundalini Yoga Sun-Logo

"The Sun "Surya" - Mahabindu-The Supracosmic and Metacosmic Transcendental Void"

Kundalini Yoga and Tantra -The Evolutionary Energy in Man, in which that " the human organism is evolving in the direction indicated by mystics, prophets and men of genius, by the action of the wonderful mechanism located at the base of the spine.
Tantra, "The cult of the feminine",is the root of yoga and the most all-inclusive spiritual system ever developed. Yoga is well-known whereas Tantra is in mystery. Yogis and quantum physicists share a wonderful view of the universe as a sea of "quantum foam", of space and time existing not as fixed realities but as mental constructs. The yogi is concerned with this "unspeakable mystery".
Tantra Yoga Aura

Kundalini is sometimes described as the individual bodily representation of the great cosmic power which creates and sustains the universe ; because each human being is a microcosm of that macrocosm. Human experience owes to Tantra the discovery and location of the centres of psychic energy, chakras, in the subtle or astral body. The passage of the awakened Kundalini(coiled snake like energy) is a unique branch of tantric esoteric knowledge, ultimately unfolding the mysteries of the whole universe.

Seven Main Chakras

The Kundalini Energy The Ida and Pingala Nadi

Kundalini is depicted in the form of a snake/serpent which slumbers at the base of the spine. "The feminine Energy Shakti" pierces each of the lotuses or chakras up to her spouse "The Masculine Energy Shiva the "Crown Chakra" the thousand petalled lotus - brings enligntenment, "God-Consciousness" and Ultimate Bliss.

Tantra -what is that? Is that....royal path of ecstasy,ultimate bliss,union with the absolute brahman, oneness with the god, illusion, black-magic, sacred sex or erotic sex cult...? Even the wisest yogis and saints of India were puzzled.....? The King Cobra moves in mystery in the jungles of Asia has thousand meanings...!Because Tantra is a mystical subject, it is nearly impossible to define. Even eminent scholars have had a hard time explaining what Tantra actually is...! "Tantra" is a Sanskrit word that means expansion of consciousness and liberation of energy.Tantra is a spiritual science, which means it is also mystical, in its interconnectedness, the holistic wisdom link between ourselves and the universe we inhabit.It is about becoming more conscious and when applied in love making deepens intimacy, intensity and orgasmic orgastic experience heading in the direction of full body orgasmic feeling.

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